Kill the Broadcast

Kill the Broadcast is an original alternative/indie project, formed in the fall of 2009 originally under the name Voodoo Automaton. The group made an impact on the local music scene, playing many original venues such as the Allentown Freakout Festival, Musikfest 2010 on the Martin Guitar stage and 2011 on the Plaza Tropical stage. A line-up change in late August of 2010, made for a new creative direction for the group…thus spawning Kill the Broadcast. Real to ourselves and our music, Kill the Broadcast is a collaborative movement and expression of writing and performance. We endeavor to fill the airwaves with what is real about music and silence the broadcast of what is mundane and commercial.

Anthony Dallarosa -Lead Guitar/Vocals,  Ryan Velazquez -Guitar/Vocals,  Brendan Velazquez -Bass/Vocals,  John Patterson -Drums/Vocals